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Fabricated Metals

Escalier structural 

Structural Staircase

Custom design of an exterior structural staircase (landing and railing).
Escalier extérieur en acier peinturé 

Exterior Steel Staircase

Custom-made outdoor staircase with a steel handrail painted in grey. It is also possible to make your staircase in galvanized steel.
Escalier intérieur et main-courante en acier peint 

Interior staircase and handrail

A custom-made staircase and its handrail made entirely of steel. This type of staircase is ideal for your business.
Garde-corps en acier et main-courante en bois de Noyer 

Railing and handrail in steel and wood

A custom-made railing in matte black painted steel. The walnut wood of the handrail was produced and installed by a cabinetmaker. A wonderful and timeless...
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Roofing railings 

Exterior Railing

Galvanized steel exterior railing installed on the edge of a roof. Custom product.
Limons et contre-marches en acier avec marches en bois de Noyer 

Steel stringers and risers

A custom-made staircase, the stringers and risers are in matte black painted steel. The steps are made of walnut wood and were produced and installed...
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Main-courante en acier et bois de noyer 

Steel and wood handrail

A custom-made handrail in walnut wood placed on our black painted steel supports. The wood comes from a cabinetmaker. Custom product.
Palier et escalier extérieur 

Landing and outside staircase

Here is a landing with an outside staircase in galvanized steel. Custom product.