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Chariot de stockage 

Storage Cart

Industrial storage cart designed to move glass or door. Makes transportation easy and safe.
Harp Rack Dolly, Rod Separator & Cover Steel Cable (100 to 200 slots) 

Harp Rack

This cable dolly, commonly known as a “Harp rack”, greatly facilitates the transportation of windows. It gives from 100 to 200 spaces and has a...
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Support Rack, Wood Gudgeon 

Insulated Glass Dolly

This dolly is made for handling and transporting patio door glass. Designed on casters from 6″Ø, it has a capacity of 4000 lbs. Dimensions: 60″...
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Support Rack, 2 Curve Rod (30 spaces) 

Curved rod Dolly on wheels 30 spaces

This Dolly is made for handling and transporting glass and thermos of variable sizes. It is on casters from 6″Ø and has a capacity of...
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Support Rack, Rod Separator (10 spaces) 

Dolly with rod separator 10 spaces

This Dolly with rod separator makes it easy to handle and transport thermos windows (10 spaces). It is manufactured on casters from 6″ and has...
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Insulated Glass Dolly

Industrial cart designed to move Insulated glass. It makes the transportation of this material easier and safer. Materials: Steel, casters, plastic, or rubber. Finish: Painted...
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A-Frame Dolly

This A-Frame Glass Dolly is manufactured for handling and transporting glass, thermos windows (sealed glass) or doors. It moves on wheels from 6″. Dimensions: 84″...
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Chariot en L 

L-Frame Dolly

This L-Frame Glass Dolly allows the transport of various materials. It moves thanks to wheels. Materials: Steel, BCFir plywood. Finish: Painted, color of your choice....
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Support Rack, Storage Unit 

Stackable Industrial Rack

Stackable Industrial Rack designed for handling, transporting, and storing glass, windows and doors. Capacity of 5000 lbs. Dimensions: 60″ x 40″. Materials: Steel, BCFir plywood....
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L-Frame Rack

L-Frame Rack allows industries to safely handle and store glass and other fragile materials. It has a capacity of 6000 lbs. Dimensions: 72″ x 32″....
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