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Exclusive and innovative products
Design and engineering

Design and engineering

At JPM Métal, design and drawings are assisted by engineers who are members of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec.



If you are a company in the manufacturing of metal products and you are looking for a partner to expand your production, we offer the service of subcontracting according to our production schedule.

Repair and maintenance

If you do business with us, we offer repair and maintenance services on the products we manufacture.

Shipping Service

Shipping Service

In addition to manufacturing, we can deliver the products we manufacture.

In addition to the services we offer, we have a very wide range of products:

  • Racks, carts, racks for handling or storage of types of material. Our products allow companies to move fragile and/or heavy items safely.
  • Specialized racks or A or L frames for transporting glass, mirrors, doors, windows, thermos, or plastic. Our customers can thus reduce product loss due to handling.
  • Carts, frames for all production equipment, conveyors, supports and various custom-made steel products to facilitate production in companies.
  • Industrial/commercial steel structures, fabricated metals, wall brackets, railings, ramps or stairs.

Our metal products are manufactured for different sectors of activity for handling, storage, transportation, construction and also to facilitate, in a safe way, production in companies. Send us your request and our team will design your custom product.