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Équerre de mur 

Wall Bracket or Roof Bracket

Wall bracket (wall support) is designed to install a work platform at the perimeter of a roof. This allows the safe construction of houses or...
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Roofing railings 

Exterior Railing

Galvanized steel exterior railing installed on the edge of a roof. Custom product.
Rack (chariot) amovible pour intercalaire 

Removable Rack Divider

This rack greatly facilitates the storage of spacers for thermos glass. Dimensions: 120″ x 60″. Materials: Steel and aluminum, aluminum hooks, casters 4″Ø. Finish: Painted,...
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cRack (chariot) pour moustiquaire 

Rack for Screen Doors

Rack for storing and transporting screen doors. Dimensions: 96″ x 48″. Materials: Steel, grooved HDPE. Finish: Painted, choice of color.