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Aide d'entreposage 

Raised Storage Area

Steel Storage Area is designed according to your needs to store your material. Dimensions: 16′ x 8′. Materials: Steel. Finish: Painted, choice of color.
Enceinte et plateforme de travail en acier pour ventilateur d'extraction 

Steel enclosure and work platform for exhaust fan

A steel enclosure and work platform designed for an exhaust fan. Custom product.
Rack (chariot) amovible pour intercalaire 

Removable Rack Divider

This rack greatly facilitates the storage of spacers for thermos glass. Dimensions: 120″ x 60″. Materials: Steel and aluminum, aluminum hooks, casters 4″Ø. Finish: Painted,...
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cRack (chariot) pour moustiquaire 

Rack for Screen Doors

Rack for storing and transporting screen doors. Dimensions: 96″ x 48″. Materials: Steel, grooved HDPE. Finish: Painted, choice of color.